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Livros de Matematica para Download

A história do cálculo

The History of the Calculus and Its Conceptual Development
Carl B. Boyer

Dover Publications | 1959 | 368 páginas | djvu | 5,76 Mb

Descrição: Fluente descrição do desenvolvimento tanto do cálculo diferencial e integral. Primórdios na Antiguidade, Medieval e contribuições de um século de antecipação conduzem a uma consideração de Newton e Leibniz, o período de indecison que os seguia, ea formulação final rigoroso que nós sabemos hoje.


Luck, Logic, and White Lies:

Luck, Logic, and White Lies: The Mathematics of GamesJorg Bewersdorff

AK Peters | 2004 | 486 páginas | rar -pdf | 29 Mb

Descrição: The mathematical underpinnings of games, whether they are strategic or games of chance, have been known for centuries, but are usually only understood by players and aficionados who have a background in mathematics. The author has succeeded in making that knowledge accessible, entertaining, and useful to everyone who likes to play and win. The information applies to such diverse and popular games as Roulette, Monopoly™, Chess, Go, numerous card games, and many more. He reviews the mathematical foundations, probability, combinatorics, and mathematical game theory, the field that won John Nash of A Beautiful Mind the Nobel Prize, and emphasizes the implementation of these techniques so that players can put them to work immediately. An extensive bibliography and sections describing the historical developments are welcome features to put the subject in a broader context

Jogos e puzzles para a matemática do ensino básico

Games and puzzles for elementary and middle school mathematics : readings from the Arithmetic teacherSeaton E. Smith, Carl A. Backman

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics | 1975 | 285 páginas | PDF | 5 MB


Sliding Piece Puzzles
(Recreations in Mathematics, No 4)
Edward Hordern

Oxford University Press, USA | 1987 | 256 páginas (PDF | 9,5 MB) (PDF | 9,5 MB)

Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays

Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays
Vol. 1, 2nd Edition
Elwyn R. Berlekamp, John Horton Conway, Richard K. Guy

AK Peters | 2001 |296 páginas (17,1 MB) (18,63 MB) (18,77 MB)